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Diver Information Sheet

Caribbean Jimmy's Dive Resort, Panama

    Southwest corner of the Caribbean Sea

  • East of Colon
  • West of San Blas Islands

    Typical Visibility

  • Outer Reefs – 70' to 120'
  • Shore Dives – 40' to 80'
  • Water Temp

  • Mid 80 to Low 90 degrees Farenheit

    Seasonal Issues

  • Dry Season (mid-Dec. through April) – Stronger currents, windier, higher surge, lower visibility
  • Wet Season (May through mid-Dec.) – Less current, less wind, higher visibility, higher rainfall
  • Types of Dives

  • Shore Dives – Beautiful and easy shore dives on healthy reefs with loads of tropical fish and reef creatures and fascinating caverns and swim-throughs
  • Reef Dives – Pristine and largely undived fringing reefs within 20 minute boat ride of the resort. Nutrient rich water due to current and depth supports a vast array of fish and creatures large and small in a delicately balanced eco-system
  • Wreck Diving - As I'm sure you are aware, there are many historic wrecks located in the Portobello and Nombre de Dios areas. <%= resortName %> supports the preservation of these sites! We will only support approved diving and research activities coordinated with Panama authorities.
  • Deep Dives - For those divers that want "deep diving" we can accommodate you at <%= resortName %>. There are many sites with wonderful walls, big marine life and clear water for dives from 100'-200', right on down to the depths of the Abyss. Dives below 130' are actually planned just like any other expedition and they take some time to set up and carry out.
  • Cavern Dives - Besides huge swim throughs, there are many pristine cavern diving sites to enjoy. Some of the best sites start right in front of our Bunkhouse. Cavern diving does require proper training, certification and equipment.
  • Spear Fishing/Lobster & Crab Hunting - Spear Fishing in Panama is legal for free divers. Let us know if you are interested in spear fishing and we can certainly put you in the right spot! Lobster and crab hunting is a favorite for many of our guests, during certain times of the year. Bring back your lobster or crab and we will have our Chef cook it up for you!
  • Fish (over 250 species of reef and game fish in Panamanian waters): Sharks, Rays, Grouper, Snapper, Barracuda, Jack, Grunt, Parrot, Angel, Butterfly, Wrasse, Damsel, Chromis, Goby, Trumpet, etc.
  • Many Other Critters: Anemone, Bristle Worm, Conch, Coral (over 50 types of hard and soft coral), Crab, Nudibranch, Octopus, Shrimp, Sponges, Sea Fans, Shells of all types, Turtles.

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