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It was in Nombre de Dios where the 16th century Spaniards first landed and estabilshed their stronghold on this coast. Later they built forts in Portobelo to protect their ships carrying treasures of gold and silver. This treasure, plundered from all over South America and Mexico, was sent back to Spain. Come experience the thrill of walking the ruins of 16th century forts that were built by Spanish Conquistadors and later occupied by ruthless pirates and privateers!

Blood-thirsty pirates, like Sir Francis Drake and Henry Morgan, doing what pirates do, attempted, with some success, to take this gold from the Spaniards. Over 100 treasure laden ships were sunk on this coast in a period of about 23 years. Sir Francis Drake is said to be buried in his lead coffin somewhere near Portobelo Bay. Come visit these forts today and dream of days gone by.

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